Dream I


December 20,2008:

Saturday morning about 6:00 AM, I got up to take care of business and was really ready to start the day but I went back to bed.  I just barely closed my eyes and this is what I saw:

I am going to write this in the order of events and describe verbatim what I saw because it is important that you have the full details!

I was about to sit down at my dining room table, which faces the back yard.  As I looked out the window, I saw a woman with a little black dog and a man standing next to the woman peering in at me.  Then the lady said, “Hello, may we come in?”  Her voice was very cheerful.  I went to my back door and opened it enough to look at these strangers and this is what I saw:


The woman was very tall and full-figured, she was maybe seven feet and the man was standing to her left, he only came up to her shoulders.  Upon looking closer at the woman, she had long flowing dirty-blonde hair that came down to her waist.  Her hair was very dry and dead looking.  Her skin was a pale-ashen color like a cadaver.  Her eyes were also gray, the right eye was looking off to the right while the left eye remained looking straight.  I was shocked when I realized she was not wearing any clothes!  I made a joke to try to cover up my shock and fear that anyone would have the nerve to come to my door without wearing clothes.  Her face carried no emotion what so ever.  I apologize for how graphic this gets but it’s important you know what I saw for the meaning.  This woman’s breasts were blurred out and the pubic area was without hair, (I’m sorry), her feet were standing in a pigeon-toed position.


The man standing to the woman’s left was of Asian descent.  He was fully clothed in a very nice black pin-striped suit.  His hair was nicely groomed.  He too carried no emotion in his face. He didn’t say anything.


It was a small black mutt and the leash it was on was also black.

When I saw the woman wearing no clothes, I was scared because her eyes were lifeless.  She asked to come in again but her mouth did not move!  I felt harm coming from her and went to close the door but the dog ran into my house and I shut the door on the leash, The dog was inside but the woman was still holding the leash.  As I was trying to shut the door the woman and man were pushing from their side, only they were not physically touching the door!  I yelled out, “Oh Jesus, please help me!”  After that, the door was very easy for me to close.

I thought that I was at the end of the dream because I didn’t see anything but then I saw a black book appear in the woman’s left hand and the title was America Divine, America Divided.  “America Divided” was a subtitle under the much larger print of “America Divine”.  Then a voice spoke to me.  The voice was neither male nor female.  It said, “this is the meaning.”  When I heard that the woman was representing America. It got my attention and I was thinking, I need to write this down at that very same time, that voice told me what I was thinking.  I know, this sounds bizarre!  So I got up and got my journal.  While I was awake this is what I was told:


Woman – America.

Right Eye – America has taken her eyes off of God.

Left Eye – America has chosen the wrong way.

Breasts (blurred out) – She can no longer take care of her people.

Pubic Area (absent of hair) – She is baron and unable to produce.

Black Book – Didn’t get any answer from that but it’s pretty self-explanatory!

Pigeon-Toed Stance – America is no longer walking straight in God’s light.


I understood he was controlling this woman and everything she spoke was by his direction!  He didn’t use force on her but his influence was his money and power.

Well Groomed/Dressed – Money and Power.

Asian – Where the United States will seek help.  I don’t know if it would be China or Japan.  This man’s eyes were Asian but not so pronounced.


The dog represents the leader of the United States.  He is being used to bring in a loyal following and poses to be a friend.

Coming To My Back Door:

Posing as friends but are really the enemy.


No matter the evil and power, nothing or no one has power over God’s People!

As I ended writing what I saw and was putting up my journal, I heard, “America has become a prostitute.”

This is what I saw and heard, The Lord as my witness.