Dear Atheist


Dear Atheist,

Why?  Why do you not believe in God?  Were you at one time a believer and fell away because of  ill-treatment by another “Christian” or was it, as you felt your own intelligence increasing, it was enough to glorify and trust in yourself?  As you became more knowledgeable about worldly things such as science, did this cause your heart to grow cold and become cynical?  Is this where you began seeing events as nothing more than simple explanations to explain away rather than wonderment, robbing you of any joy?  Did this void become such a chasm that it needed to be fed through carnal lusts that only brings momentary pleasures such as pornography, sex, gluttony and greed?  As you partook of these things, did you find yourself growing angrier with life?  Do you find yourself becoming indignant as you read this letter because there is validity in these words or do you find yourself wanting to cry for the same reason?  Ask yourself, why?  Warning!  There’s not a book or University out there that can explain spiritual hunger because in your world, (an intellectual’s world), to be able to explain spiritual hunger would mean you would have to believe in something or SOMEONE as God!  We cannot have that disorder in a perfectly sound mind, can we?

I may not be an intellect as many Atheist seem to be, but I am a lover of souls.  I am a Christian.  I’m tapped into the spiritual things not tied to this earth.  Do you remember hearing a song or watching a movie and it touched your heart so deeply that tears came streaming down your face?  How long has it been since you last felt that emotion?  Look Atheist, most of you know science very well!  What do you know about sound vibrations and how these vibrations are part of what is holding everything together?  You could quote from literature you’ve read and have all the terminology perfect as you recite it back to me.  AMAZING!  I’m not able to do that, this is YOUR gift, given by God!  However, those sound waves were not always there but were spoken into existence!  Right now, stop the clamor in your head trying to quickly rebut my comment!   It is a reflex with most Atheists, to rebut.  What are you afraid of?  No one is going to steal your intellect away!  I find it interesting that Atheists will call Christians “theists” as an insult, but what do you call yourselves but Atheists?  No, I’m not so simple-minded to not understand the prefix “A” is a denotation of “not” or “without”.  Nevertheless, you still carry the word “theist” in your title!  Even when you try to insult, you are still associated to God, (while you’re alive on earth anyway)!  Lovers of science, the very word “A” is relative to specifying waves-lengths and also is one of four nucleotides for building DNA.  Interesting!  While you my Atheist friend, try to pull away from God, your very title SPEAKS of God through DNA and wave-lengths, all which are God designed but called science by Atheists

Dear Atheist, I find you quite humorous when you will not live by the Bible but you are quick to use the Bible as a weapon of attack against a Christian who lives and studies The Word!  You tell me I am a hypocrite when you are the perfect visual of hypocrisy.  You won’t live by God’s word but you will use his holy words to try and rebuke the very One(s) the book was written for!  The Bible is also met for those seeking answers TO God.  If you are using the Bible in this manner, you are welcome to it.  But if you are reading out of the Bible to rebuke a believer, be very careful non-believer, because God knows in which heart you are holding and reading His word, and it is YOU who will be judged accordingly!  I will not judge you, I’m not THE Judge!  The One you deny, Jesus Christ, will judge you.  You are always asking for “proof”.  Try picking up the Bible with a quiet heart that is not looking to use God’s words to condemn others but look at it as medicine for your wanting soul.  Nothing on this earth will feed your soul because the spirit is not earthbound as the body but is free and uninhibited.

Dear Atheist, you now must decide where you want your soul to reside for eternity…Heaven or Hell?  If you however, refuse to make a decision, don’t worry, your indifference has already decided the Judge’s verdict.  Jesus loves you and he wants you to be with him after this life on earth.  That’s why he came down from his kingdom and took on flesh and bone.  He was human but he is also God.  He took your blame thousands of years ago, and had it nailed with him to the cross where it can no longer torture your mind, reminding you of your past offenses.  That’s what the Devil does!  He lies, accuses and destroys!

If you have heartfelt remorse for your sins, speak your repentance to Jesus.  He will forgive you and clean all sins away, (no matter how retched)!  Ask Jesus to come into your heart.  Once you have done this, out of obedience to Jesus’ final instructions, you MUST be baptized!  Are you still going to trip up and sin?  Yes.  Will God forgive you if you ask for forgiveness?  Yes, if you are truly sorry.  God is not a Jeanie in a bottle that we can use and abuse by thinking “once saved, always saved.”  That saying is only true if you are not intentionally living a sinful life and are trying to live a worshipful life.

Dear Atheist, I enjoyed visiting with you.  I wish only good things for you that this world cannot give you.  I wish you eternal life with Jesus Christ, and to be able to call you my brother or sister.  I will not pretend as though I have all the answers, because I don’t.  However, I do know ONE answer without hesitation or any doubt!  Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.


A Christian


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