A Revelation Dream?


December 3, 2016 (Sat.)

Like all dreams past, they come just before I am about to awaken.  This dream was chaotic.  In the middle of the night, I along with a small group of people walk up to a fence enclosing a military base (post).  We remain quiet as to not be caught observing the activity within the post (base).  The buildings were in disrepair to my understanding due to the lack of discipline and care for this facility.  American active-duty are being replaced with foreign personnel.

As the dream was about to end, an enormous-sized hourglass appeared floating in front of me.  As I am watching the sand from the top move very quickly to the bottom, a voice tells me that the structure of the hourglass is the United States.  The sand and narrowing of the neck of the hourglass has significance.  The sand is that of American citizens who are active-duty being replaced with foreign personnel.  I wasn’t given specifics of whom these people are just that they were not American.  The narrowing of the neck of the hourglass is time running out and the urgency in which our active-duty are being replaced.  The understanding was that this was one of many reasons why the present administration did not want the Republican Party victory in this past election.  Just before the dream ends, I hear the same voice earlier say, “I have stopped them.”  Amen.


2 thoughts on “A Revelation Dream?

    • Hi Kathy! Fancy meeting you here on WordPress! 😊 Lol! Yes, all the dreams written here are from me. When I had originally wrote the dreams I didn’t feel I should make a point that they were mine and made a point of saying just because I use the pronouns my, I, or me doesn’t necessarily mean they are my dreams but as I was writing this last one, I felt that the Lord wanted me to. Thanks for visiting my site. 😄

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